01 november 2012

This is starting to feel a bit forced. I have nothing fun to write about at the moment, no inspiration what so ever. No comments, although I know , there isn't too much to comment on.
Looking out the window and it's been raining the whole day - I haven't been out there, but I'm going now..

So, adios, for a while or forever or for some days, who knows? This isn't just fun right now.

31 oktober 2012

So, the reason I haven't been blogging today is, I got this crazy idea yesterday evening, about detoxing. Yup. So that's what I'm doing right now - detoxing. And googling recipes and ideas of what to cook!
For about 10 days I'm gonna eat mostly fruit, vegetables & protein..no carbs such as bread, pasta, potatoes, no dairy products & no meat (which I never eat anyway, but I will eat some fish)
Have to drink alot of water & tea aswell....Hope this will go weel, I feel really motivated to do this, and also to keep on eating much healthier afterwards...I am vegetarian, so I guess I eat alot more healthier than many people, but it's the sugar & salt that takes me down....chips, chocolate, oh my..

Break Up
(obviously not my photo, found on Pinterest)

Today it's been one year since we made out at that club & went home together. And from that day on we were together. Until spring.

Thank God he broke up with me, honestly. I was more in love with his family than with him. And he wasn't in love at all.

30 oktober 2012


Idag har jag hoppat in lite på Weekday, (jag jobbar ju på Monki egentligen, samma företag vilket gör det enkelt att hoppa emellan) det börjar bli lite extrajobb för mig där nu, vilket är kul! Alltid skönt med lite omväxling...Idag spelade vi så himla bra musik i butiken - behövde lite nytt på den fronten, och kom hem med bland annat denna fina visan på hjärnan!

Klabbes Bank – Vatten

tyvärr verkar de vara alldeles för små för att den skulle finnas på youtube, men visst är den vacker?
Längtar efter en sommaren i skärgården när jag hör den. Västkusten funkar också.

/click the link up there & enjoy a beautiful swedish song (if you have Spotify)/

29 oktober 2012

so here are some pictures from my weekend,
all from my instagram:

Saturday we had a staff party at my colleague Emma's place. An apartment of total awesomeness!
It was huge, they had a pool table, fussball game & a piano!

After having cheese & crackers, we just had to play a little bit of pool! Of course my team lost, but that's because Nora skipped our turn like 5 times! ;)

Of course we played the piano aswell, and sang - jingle bells!
The other picture is from my walk home when I realized that since I dropped my iphone in Emma's toilet, (and it stopped working and I could only use instagram) I had to cry for help on instagram and asked anybody who saw that picture, to call and wake me up in the morning. Luckily, I had 2 wonderful friends who called!

This pic deserves being huge, cause man was those vietnamese spring rolls good!

 Tittar på en dokumentär om tiden då AIDS först kom till Sverige, under mitten av 80-talet. Kan inte ens tänka mig rädslan som infann sig bland både smittade och osmittade, som inte visste var smittan kom ifrån och inte heller hur eller om den kunde botas. Tack gode gud har vi idag bromsmediciner, men förhoppningsvis kommer vi kunna utrota viruset i framtiden. Tur att utvecklingen går framåt.

För några citat ur dokumentären som sades i början utav "epidemin" var:
"där förklarade de att det var en aids-smittad bil som skulle brännas"

och någon som uttalat sig om att alla aids-smittade borde bli skickade till Gotland för att starta aids-samhälle där.
say what? det låter ju ungefär som Hitlers idé om att skicka alla judar till Madagascar..

/Watching a documentary about when aids came o Sweden in the middle of the eighties...
What a frightening time for everybody, not knowing where it came from and how or if it was possible to treat it..I'm happy we got all these medicines that prevents the virus to spread itself and hopefully in the future we can make it disappear from the earth and never, ever come back./

latest autumn style inspirations form my Pinterest:

Isabel Marant Grey Pullover Sweater