29 oktober 2012

so here are some pictures from my weekend,
all from my instagram:

Saturday we had a staff party at my colleague Emma's place. An apartment of total awesomeness!
It was huge, they had a pool table, fussball game & a piano!

After having cheese & crackers, we just had to play a little bit of pool! Of course my team lost, but that's because Nora skipped our turn like 5 times! ;)

Of course we played the piano aswell, and sang - jingle bells!
The other picture is from my walk home when I realized that since I dropped my iphone in Emma's toilet, (and it stopped working and I could only use instagram) I had to cry for help on instagram and asked anybody who saw that picture, to call and wake me up in the morning. Luckily, I had 2 wonderful friends who called!

This pic deserves being huge, cause man was those vietnamese spring rolls good!

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