30 augusti 2012

palea jewelry : http://palea.etsy.com

Keep forgetting to tell you,
2 days ago I got an e-mail from a stylist who saw my jewelry at Tjallamalla (shop), and contacted me to borrow my jewelry for a fashion show here in a couple of weeks! how awesome is that?! crazy!

Feeling all nicely tired, went to 2 classes of brazilian training tonight. First Baile-funk (NAUGHTY DANCE!) & of course capoeira! mmmh, love, love, love brazilian dances!

We've got soooo many nice things at the shop  right now..New garments from the autumn collection are coming in almost everyday, in those typically autumny colors that are so apealing this time of the year..Here are some of my favourite garments from Monki

"monki autumn" by palea on Polyvore

29 augusti 2012


Inte mycket bloggande idag...Inte mycket gjort överhuvudtaget faktiskt!
Jag har mest legat på soffan, fast sprungit ett och annat ärende också..
Lagt in bär i socker & rom som blir klara och goda till jul till exempel! Och lagat min godaste quornfärssås nånsin! efter mammas recept såklart..
Och så har jag dansat samba ikväll! på samma ställe där jag tränar capoeira, och fy tusan vad roligt det är med brasilianska danser! Kändes som om jag var på karneval i Rio..Imorgon blir det capoeira och Baile funk..

So, I've made so many necklaces lately I kind of felt like trying something else...like, bracelets!
My sister really likes bracelets and it's her birthday soon so I thought I'd give her some..
I know she really liked those Proenza Schouler bracelets, and she bought stuff to make one herself, but never got to it...so I did it for her!

Will make some more for the shop later on, so if you're interested in getting one, just contact me!

28 augusti 2012

So this is what my livin room looks like at the moment.
Living room, studio & office, all in one! how practical....not.
life of a creative, eh?


So, these necklaces & some more, are up in the shop now!! Have a look!
In a few days, there might be coming up some other things that I've been working on lately...bracelets!


27 augusti 2012

Säljer av lite kläder på Tradera! 3 par skor samt. kläder från Monki & H&M!
Ta en titt!

/Selling some of my clothes in Swedish eBay!/

So here's finally some pictures from my vacation on Cuba! It's such a beautiful country, but I only had 10 days there, so I definately want to go back sometime in the future...

my first evening in Havana I watched the sunset at Malecón

 The breakfast & dinners were always HUGE, and I could never finish it..exotic fruits are so tasty

 El Capitolio..

supertouristic picture..

 Had many mojitos over there, since it's the national cocktail of Cuba, yum!

Eating "langosta" which is Cuban lobster

 Took a horse riding excursion in the valley of Viñales...incredibly beautiful!

Also stopped at a tobaco farm (for cuban cigars) and learnt how to roll cigars

 "my" horse Caramelo, and the plaza of Viñales

Went to Varadero....

...with the most beautiful beaches in Cuba..the water was as clear as drinking water

Loved the old cars over there..

Typically cuban - mojito, old car & Che Guevara

Got to know this young man, Ernesto, my first night in Havana..Very happy for that as he showed me the whole city in only a few days!

If you get the chance you should definately visit Cuba... It's really beautiful, but at the same time, it needs alot of change....Today, the Cuban people are not aloud to travel outside of their country, and the economy of the country is very bad...But the people are so nice, the food is quite good, and you can get big city life, beach or countryside, in very short distances from Havanna...

26 augusti 2012

Love these bracelets from Proenza Schouler,
but could definately do those mysef, as I already use rope for my other designs...

Found this great movie that explains how to make one!


So, weekday started selling external brands again - like!
This dress is from Back and I love how it is inspired by a night gown..

25 augusti 2012

I just found this documentary (& the picture) from hanapee, watched it & I'm still so very upset about how easy it is to judge somebody innocent today.

Im so happy I wasnt born in USA, cause apparantly I could've been innocently accused for murder only cause Im black...
Do watch this documentary!



Thinking about getting these, from Miinto
They're from Swedish Hasbeens & I've been checking them out for several months!
Only thing is, I tried some swedish hasbeens in a shop once and thought they were kind of hard, because of the wood..maybe that is just in the beginning?
Also, I'm tall, I never wear heels...these are 7 cm high.

Yes or No?
I do love them.

23 augusti 2012

Pinned Image
What if my hair could grow and be as long & beautiful as Penelope's hair? Nope, never...It's doesn't seem to want to grow longer than to my collar bones.. I'm keeping it curly this week, but next week I'm doing a brazilian blowout which will make it smoother & straighter...

Penelope's carachter in the movie Vicky, Christina, Barcelona was so incredibly inspiring & beautiful!

21 augusti 2012

Saw this song live two nights ago..
It's so incredibly beautiful, in a norwegian dialect..
there is also an english version

20 augusti 2012

God damn! Was thinking I'd like to get some space printed leggins (although I'd never wear them like al my other leggins)...Romwe.com had too many to choose from!!

Starry Night Leggings Starry Night Print Leggings(Arrival on August 22th)
Universe Print Leggings Burning Fire Leggings
The Mysterious Universe Soft-touch Leggings Flame Printed Soft-touch Leggings

Well the last once aren't really space printed, but like them anyways!
Which ones do you prefer?
I'm thinking the first 2, or the last 2..

Finally I uploaded some pictures from the first day in jamaica...There are so many photos that I just couldn't be bothered to edit them in Photoshop..
There is lots more to come...

the view from our first hotel

                                                               rom punsch at the beach...man was it strong

                                                                         the stranded whale aka dad

                                                                        me & my sister zipporah

                                                                            sisters Vanya & Zipporah

                                                                 Jamaican breakfast....not my favourite